International Study and Consulting

Today, an increasing number of Chinese students are considering opportunities to study abroad.  From consulting services to full-time intensive study, Zhongjie Education International offers a full suite of services to help students achieve – and get the most out of – their dream of international study.

Zhongjie Education International’s experienced overseas studies consultants work closely with students throughout the entire process of preparing to go abroad: from school selection and application, to scholarship applications, to the visa and immigration process, to practical assistance such as locating student and off-campus housing. In addition, we offer a range of training programs to make sure students are best prepared to get the most out of their overseas experiences.

Our business covers every aspect related to international education and talent exchange, including education training, culture diversification, agent of overseas universities, applications for studying abroad, emigration (handled by companies abroad), research for business, visa applications, students’ summer and winter camps, writing relevant to going abroad, and translations concerning foreign affairs.

1. School applications
We offer application services for applying to schools in different grades in the UK, US, Australia, New Zealand and Canada, including choosing schools and preparing documents for visas and other overseas applications.
2. Visa Services
Different kinds of visa services, including applying for X, F and L visas’
3 Written materials for studying abroad. 
Writing materials such as personal statements, essays and the references needed to apply to
universities in Britain and the US.
4 Business translation.

Translation of diplomas, personal materials, essays and contact information etc..