Language Training

The language training department of ZhongJie Education Company was established in 2005, we’ve been doing the Language training for children’s English and business English for many years. We offer teachers for bridging courses and studying abroad courses at Beijing Normal University and the Beijing Language and Culture University. Language training at Zhongjie Education is considerably different than that at many other training institutions because we offer personal and professional service. Each Zhongjie Education student will get an individual learning plan made for them by an education specialist to improve their English quickly. Whether you want to study abroad or just prepare for life overseas, you have a choice of different services at fun88乐天堂官网. We create endless opportunities for you with our team of specialists and great educational system.
Business English & Interview English for Studying Abroad

  1. Job interview English and promotion interview English
  2. Business Etiquette English
  3. Office English
  4. Overseas living English
  5. Immigration and studying abroad English
  6. Speaking English used in daily conversation
  7. Short-term English lessons for Adults
  8. Travel English
  9. Short-term successful English pronoucation Learning

Teenage English

  1. Oral English tutor for students in primary school and in middle school
  2. Correcting Pronunciations.

Writing English tutor for students in primary school and in middle school.