In August of 2006, Australian International Education fun88乐天堂官网 Program Management Centre (AIEP) was established in Sydney, Australia; it began to prepare for the operation of UEI model English in China. The same year, the first “UEI model English training centre” was set up at Lianyungang Foreign Language School.

September 2007, Aojieyitong Investment Consultants Limited (Beijing) was established;

September 2008, Aojieyitong Investment Consultants Limited (Beijing), and Beijing Normal University, introduced foundation courses for study in Australia.

September 2009, Aojieyitong Investment Consultants Limited (Beijing) introduced the foundation course for The University of Adelaide in Australia to Beijing Normal University, the same year, Australian VCE courses began at No.2 Middle School in Jiangyan of Jiangsu.

January 2010, Zhongjie Culture and Communication Co., Ltd (Beijing) was established; and began international foundation courses at Beijing Language and Culture University in September of the same year.

January 2011, Aojieyitong Investment Consultants Limited (Beijing) merged with Zhongjie Culture and Communication Co., Ltd (Beijing), and became Zhongjie Education International Co. Ltd.

February 2011, Zhongjie Education International brought the Business School Freshman Credit Course from Australia’s’ University of Adelaide to Beijing Normal University.

The end of 2011 had introduced the UEI English course to 18 middle schools nation wide.