Studying Abroad Programme

Foundation programme for British universities
Universities in the UK require high school students to take one year bridging courses in China, due to the differences in education and so that students are more qualified and have better language skills.
The choice of bridging course is important due to the fact that British universities have strict entry requirements and admission is dependant on which courses have been taken.

A six month foundation program has been developed that utilizes the best components of UK course materials to give our students training relative to the school they want admission to. fun88乐天堂官网

Co-op Universities
University of Leicester
University of Essex
The University of Hull
University of Plymouth
Sheffield Hallam University
University of Sunderland
Conventry University
University of Teesside

Six month Foundation course accepted at:
Loughborough College
Castle College Nottingham
International House London
Concorde International
University of Warwick
University of York
University of Bath
University of Loughborough
University of Nottingham


  1. Specialized teachers, teaching in top Chinese universities.
  2. Choice of overseas university.
  3. Direct cooperation with UK universities, ensures admission.
  4. Specialized help with visa applications.

Preliminary courses for 8 prestigious Australian universities, lectured at Beijing  Normal 
Bridging Courses for Top Austrian Universities
These courses are recognized by the Australian Education Curriculum Management System and are high qualification bridging courses that get wide recognition from Australian universities; the teaching standards are the same for all teachers, ensuring high passing rates.
Students are able to choose majors in different courses such as Business, Trade, Computer Science, Education, Engineering, Health and Life Science, Information Technology, Law and Medical Science. In fact, all subjects offered by Australian universities.
Compared with studying directly at an Australian university, this saves students one-year and 200,000 RMB.
Experienced Australian visa experts teach a one-on-one studying-abroad plan for students to ensure that there is a high visa success rate.

Cooperative Universities in Austria 
University of Adelaide
Monash University
University of Melbourne
University of New South Wales
University of Western Australia
University of Queensland
Macquarie University
University of South Australia
Flinders University
University of Technology, Sydney
Deakin University
Curtin University of Technology
Griffith University
University of Newcastle
Introduction of the Bridging Courses
the abbreviated name for the course is Unistart.
Unistart is the bridging courses that University of Adelaide and twenty other universities established in China. Eight of them are listed in the Top 100 universities in the world.

Designated Victorian Certificate of Education(VCE) courses by the Education
Department in Victorian, Australia 
VCE China-Australia Teaching Plan  
Introduction of VCE
The VCE (Victoria Certificate of Education) is a cooperative project between two schools. It’s a high school education certificate issued by VCAA to students who complete the course and meet the grade. Students who want an education at an Australian university need this certificate; it is also widely recognized by western universities.
Universities That Recognize VCE
There are 42 overseas universities that recognize the VCE, these include: The University of Sydney, The University of New South Wales, Australia’s National University and The University of Melbourne; In Britain, The University of Glasgow, University of Bristol, The University of Nottingham and Edinburgh University. In Canada, the University of Toronto, McGill University and McMaster University. In New Zealand, The University of Auckland, The University of Waikato and Massey University all recognize the VCE.
Advantages of VCE
This program offers the advantages of dual enrollment, dual diplomas, dual assessment and bilingual teaching methods.
Dual enrollment: Students meet both Chinese and Australian high school enrollment requirements and so they enjoy the same privileges as high school students have in their own countries.
Dual diploma: Students who complete this course are awarded the certificate of their domestic high school and a VCE diploma.
Dual assessment: Students are qualified to take college entrance examinations overseas as well as being able to study at domestic universities. Students taking the VCE examination in China qualify to compete with high school students in Australia to get direct admission into Australian universities without the need for bridging courses.
Bilingual teaching: The VCE courses are taught mostly in English, which enables students to make remarkable progress in their English and adapt to being taught and thinking in a western way. Meanwhile, domestic classes are normally small, and students will be taught in Chinese.

Curriculum for VCE
First Stage:
Intensive Grade 10 courses, which includes pre-courses for VCE.  Foreign teachers will teach students so that they can improve their English quickly and be taught in an Australian way.  Besides, students will be sent to Australia to get intensive training during summer vacation (This training is voluntary participation and extra fees needs to be paid.)
Second Stage:
Students in their first Grade 11 semester will have VCE courses taught in English and finish the VCE teaching assignment.  In July, students will get first stage Physics and Chemistry examinations; In Grade 12 (about November), students will sit the Australian Entrance Examination getting results in December, when VCE courses are finished.  Australian Entrance Examinations are held 6months earlier than Chinese exams, so students getting dual-diplomas will have plenty of time to prepare for domestic entrance examinations.
Advanced Placement (AP) course training in America 

2+2 courses for American prestigious universities, lectured at Beijing  Normal  University 

Training courses for American prestigious universities, lectured at Beijing Language and
Culture  University 

Italian training program lectured at Beijing Language and Culture  University 

Training art students intended to go to Italy, lectured at Beijing Language and Culture

Courses for universities in Britain, lectured at Beijing Language and Culture  University 

Courses for universities in Australia, lectured at Beijing Language and Culture  University 

Key Partners

American  partners
Florida Institute of Technology
Adelphi University
Murray State University
Kansas State University
Syracuse University
University of San Francisco
University of Denver
Virginia Tech
The University of Alabama
Drexel University
Marquette University
Saint Louis University
The University of Arizona
The University of Delaware
University of Miami
University of Pennsylvania‎
University of North Carolina
University of Chicago

British partners
Northumbria University
University of Sheffield Hallam
University of Teesside
University of Plymouth
The University of Hull
University of Essex
University of Leicester
University of Sunderland 

Canadian partners

Brock University
Laurentian University
McGill University
University of Manitoba

University of Regina

University of Saskatchewan
University of Alberta
Kwantlen Polytechnic University
University of Northern British Columbia
Victoria University
Simon Fraser University
University of British Columbia

University of Waterloo
University of Western Ontario
University of Toronto

Italian partners
Turin Polytechnic University
Milano Polytechnic University
University of Pavia
University of Padua
University of Modena e Reggio Emilia
Turin Conservatory of Music
Rome Academy of Fine Arts
Palma Conservatory of Music
Milano Conservatory of Music
University of Bologna
University of Milano
Brera in Milano Academy of Fine Arts
Florence Academy of Fine Arts