UEI Overview

Universal English Intensive(UEI)is a program implemented by Zhongjie Education International Co., Ltd, and developed by the Australian International Education Program Management Center(AIEP). This program was designed specifically for middle school and high school students who want an integrated approach to English that supplements their standard curricular studies. The program consists of a six-level outline, with each level being designed according to different proficiency levels. Participation in the UEI Program also provides students with the chance to explore cross-cultural opportunities such as overseas summer camps and study abroad experiences.

Through its UEIProgram, Zhongjie Education will place EFL teachers in public junior high and high schools in small to medium sized cities throughout mainland China. With an emphasis on practicality and flexibility, UEI strives to impart both a comprehensive mastery of English and a broadened intercultural understanding among students, thanks to the enthusiasm of its native English teachers.