As a fast-growing provider of private educational services in China, Zhongjie Education International’s mission is to provide quality education services in a long-term, stable manner, in order to meet the increasing demand for communication skills between China and the rest of the world.

The management at Zhongjie Education has had the experience of both studying and living overseas themselves, which together with their professional experience, gives them valuable insight into their clients needs. Our headquarters are in Beijing China, with branches in both Australia and UK.

Zhongjie Education has established a network of connections with universities in Europe, North America and Australia. They have collaborative relationships with Beijing Language and Culture University, Renmin University, Beijing Normal University and Tsinghua University and other universities in China. Through these institutions it teaches preparatory courses for students seeking admission into overseas high schools and universities; IELTS and TOEFL training, as well as SAT, and other programs. Zhongjie Education is dedicated to providing high quality instruction, so as to ensure a quick and smooth passage into overseas education programs. Zhongjie is the representative office for the Australian International Education Program (AIEP); and is responsible for the promotion of the AIEP brand-identity program.

Zhongjie Education administers the Universal English Intensive (UEI) English courses offered by AIEP throughout Greater China. By cooperating with overseas high schools and universities they have been able to tailor the UEI English course to meet the requirements of overseas schools and match it to the domestic system. Making the best use of excellent teachers from both at home and abroad, the UEI English program offers English as a second language courses that are both practical and flexible. All of these professional teachers are not only qualified, but bring with them teaching experience, and are able to offer an engaging and active learning environment. Zhongjie have designed the UEI English and other preparatory courses to stimulate students and provide an exciting learning experience and fast track them through admission examinations. Ongoing teacher development, and the ability of the company to continually improve course content, keeps us on the leading edge of student preparatory education. In a field that is competitive and ever changing, it is important that we have the flexibility to keep the training materials up to the minute and relevant to the needs of our students.